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A Grown Girl Goes Undercover at a Frat Party

A Grown Girl Goes Undercover at a Frat Party

6 P.M. My fixer, a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Southern Ca, texts me saying she no further seems “safe” or “comfortable” with this plan (to help keep her anonymous, we will phone her “Cindy”).

We had been planning to crash a frat party, spend time, to discover what are the results. Simply an instant jaunt that is anthropological the crude and increasingly vexing mating rites of university Greeks.

Getting use of frat parties as being a young female is easy. Truly the only demands really are a college ID card and a plucky mindset. Most of the USC frats and sororities are crammed on up to a residential block so we could easily scamper over to another if we strike out getting into one house.

But tonight, Cindy notifies me personally, the events are now being held from the row. A couple of years ago|years that are few, the University place a moratorium on events during Rush Week in a bid to refurbish the University’s image. There have been a lot of pupils being transported into the regional ER space for drinking and combat; the appropriate obligation of butt-chugging associated fatalities expanded too much, therefore the security that is extra patrol regarding the line ended up being getting expensive. With Rush Week officially over, the events could resume. Read more