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Dating Terms: Lions & Tigers & Unicorns, Oh My! Did You Mean to Be trying to find a Unicorn?

Dating Terms: Lions & Tigers & Unicorns, Oh My! Did You Mean to Be trying to find a Unicorn?

One of many proverbial sayings that are euphemistic. Searching for a unicorn. It’s been around for some time now in Silicon Valley. Pretty hard pets to supply. We don’t recall ever seeing one myself.

Dating & Unicorns is practical. I am talking about, it may seem like so numerous singles are trying to find them. Looking for their variations for the ideal.

The Dating Unicorn. Whoops!

Per the metropolitan dictionary, “A common swinging term found in the city to reference an individual feminine enthusiastic about fulfilling other partners. Called such as a result of rarity of choosing stated females. Certainly not derogatory but quite contrary, a rare treat.”

Evidently, we recently stepped in it, yet again. Whoops. Whom knew? The term has developed now, hasn’t it?

I’ve done this. Perhaps perhaps maybe Not poly, by itself. But, we undoubtedly used the word that is wrong expression on many occasions. Even with the name of my blog sites.

There’s a award to your first 5 people who spot the erroneous weblog name.

Lately, we thought poly had been lipstick in the definition of “swingers,” but I’ve come to understand, appreciate and think that, not just does it occur, but, its real. Albeit, we think people whom claim they have been poly are really maybe not and are just playing the industry. They think they’ve been poly. They probably don’t even understand exactly what they’ve been or aren’t. Thinking they’re or sexy or something like that. Plenty of those are merely relationship novices. Later bloomers, finally intimately active, & keeping things light. Read more